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CMSarchitect (Content Management System) is an online ‘in your browser’ tool that lets you create websites or make amendments to content on your website.

need help?

If you are unsure of any procedures and would like more technical information, please click the CMS Help button once you are logged in. If you require further assistance, please contact us.

Important Note: Remember all changes are online and may affect your website, so take care as to what you are doing. Good industry practice is to prepare a draft version before deploying anything. When you are happy with what you see on your draft page, you are ready to publish and go live.

Oops! If you do need to revert your edits/updates please refer to our in-built Version Control and go back to any of your previous content specific versions.

  • You will be notified via email notification of any major changes, updates or issues with the cmsArchitect.

    To stay updated on minor updates, feature spotlights and helpful tips and tricks, keep an eye on the FAQ Interactive website and blog.